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About Spirited Musings

The story

After a regular gathering with my dear Tarot and Soul Tribe friends, the powerful guidance I received that day inspired me to set the intention to "follow my impulses". 


That night in the darkest hour I received three words 'Soul Journey Stories'.

Honouring my new intention the very next morning I began to explore and create.

This is it :)


I journal everyday and have done so for years. I love to record my dreamtime journeys and waking-life insights, seemingly coincidental happenings and sometimes very strange experiences. I don't want to miss a thing! It's sort of like a virtual puzzle of the Soul where each epiphany completes a section of a much bigger picture.

The mysteries and discoveries of my little life stem from a mountain of metaphysical studies in the attempt to explain the unexplainable. Mediumship, meditation, energy readings and healing, dreamtime, oracle tools, pet and elemental communication just to name a few.


I am a true Spirit junkie.


 Creating a Spirited Musings space means we can now open journal together, and I look forward to reading your stories and sharing mine with you..


And remember, one persons experience is another's treasured guidance.

With much gratitude, go start a conversation!

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